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Why Payless Shipping ?

Shipper 1

“I have been a cars shipper for the last 20 years and, I have shipped my cars with 4 different forwarders in the Houston area however, I was always worried about the shipping process and handling which took a lot from my time that I needed to spend buying cars, until 3 years ago when I started shipping with Payless shipping; the rest is history. I promise you, the guys at Payless make sure that your cars are handled in the most professional shipping manner which in return, gives you the time to buy cars and become more successful in your business…”

Shipper 2

“Payless guys are always there for me and, will answer all my shipping concerns in a timely fashion plus, they will answer the phone when you call them or, will return your call if they missed it, how many other forwarders you know would do the same?!”

Shipper 3

“This was the first time I ship overseas and, I was referred to Payless Overseas Shipping by a friend. When I called Payless; I asked if they can help me move a piece of construction equipment from Iowa to ship it overseas, they not only handled the inland move to the port, but they also delivered it all the way to my destination in a very easy step by step process. I recommend Payless Shipping to anyone who needs to ship the most difficult to handle heavy equipment cargo…”

Shipper 4

“Payless Shipping is the best shipping company in not only Houston but, in the USA. They helped me when I needed to ship via Air and Ocean and, I trust them in every aspect that, I added their manager to my bank account to handle all my shipments related payments and, I never had any accounting problems or issues, I get notified of each transaction that takes place and I can assure you that, not too many of you can say the same about the shipping companies you are using so, think about it; if you can’t trust the shipping company with your own money, why trust them with your cargo ?”

Shipper 5

“… Payless Overseas Shipping is a very organized and easy to deal with shipping company; I recommend them for all the shippers that want a hassle free forwarder…”

Shipper 6

“We are a volume shipper that ships to West African, European, Mediterranean and, Middle Eastern destinations. We ship anything related to vehicles and, oil equipments. Payless Shipping is our #1 go to forwarder because, We feel that once the cargo is assigned to them, We would not have to worry about the next step; they will keep us up to date on each and every step of the process and, will deliver what they promise as usually so, We are honored to work with Payless and, We recommend them 100 percent…”

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www.paylessshipping.com - 14422 Sweeney Rd. Houston Texas 77060

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